Skinny Tees for a Chunky Boy


I made these wee cuties with the Made By Rae Flashback Skinny Tee pattern. My boy is 20 months old and big for his age so to be on the safe side I cut the size 2T which should be, according to their website, ‘a bit big when the child turns two, and a bit more snug as they near the age of three.’ Ha! Didn’t quite work out in this case. They are both very snug but still passable thanks to the stretchiness of the fabric. Next time I’ll go much bigger.


The fabric is from Kitschy Coo and feels as lovely as it looks. I had a really hard time choosing the fabric as Amanda has some amazingly colourful prints – and all organic cotton! I’m spoiling the boy! I was trying to recreate the look of the very expensive Swedish brand tshirts you get in the fancier shops but for less money and my plan has worked a treat. I reckon I used about £6 worth of fabric for each one – still more money than you’d spend in Asda on a kids tshirt but who wants an Asda tshirt anyway?! Not my boy.


The tshirts were really easy to make. An hour for cutting and an hour for stitching. That’s what I call fast fashion! I assembled the main body with my overlocker then used a twin needle to finish the neckband and hem. Easy peasy.


Two belly-rubbing good tshirts!



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