Burda 6874 in the Wild

Mostly I’m a selfish sewer. And why not? ‘Tis my time…those precious, fleeting, snatched hours in the evening when the babes sleep. I don’t have much time to sew and I have way too many plans for my wardrobe to make much time for kindness. I did once agree to make a jacket for my sister. She bought the fabric, I cut it and partially assembled it, then…promptly forgot about it. It now languishes in my ufo pile. Actually, the reason I stalled was the pattern was wrong for the fabric choice, it wasn’t behaving and would have required too much work to fix. Lesson learned there: pick something tried and tested when lending your sewing time to someone else’s wardrobe. One day I will try to fix it. Or perhaps make her an entirely new jacket.

Despite this aversion to kindly sewing acts I embarked on a shirt sewing mission for the man. He was rather taken with the idea of a Liberty shirt when we were last in London but, you know, being a sewer and therefore prone to fits of ‘I can make anything cheaper’ arrogance I said I’d make one for him.

DSC_0846   DSC_0848

The pattern is Burda 6874: a classic button-down shirt. The fabric is not Liberty. This version is more of a wearable muslin made up in a lovely soft – and more affordable – cotton flannel. I thought it best to try out the pattern before splashing out on the designer stuff.

DSC_0840   DSC_0841

I made a quick muslin to check fit – good thing, as I had to go down a size. Apart from that the shirt fits well out of the packet. And now, as the unselfish sewing bug has got a hold of me (whether I like it or not), I am looking out for a suitable man-friendly Liberty print for the next instalment. One, of course, that can stand up to some high jinks in the local park.

DSC_0863  DSC_0861  DSC_0862

A special shout out to the Bernina edge-stitch foot #10. I couldn’t have down it without you, you wondrous piece of metal.


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